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Audiences Agree, Mannix & Bange Deliver Hilarious, First-Rate Entertainment, Virtually! 

"I don’t usually watch magic shows, but I’m glad I did. It was entertaining and a fun way to spend an hour. Plus my guests enjoyed it and gave us a way to be together on a Friday night over zoom. I’m sure they will work out the minor tech issues in the next shows. Definitely recommended. Nick Vargas

"Very professionally done. Tim & Chris are great magicians. The show was Interactive, & very funny. I liked everything!! If I have to pick... I liked the green glove trick, the mentalist tricks & Milo the rabbit. Also. I liked Chris’ bottle trick." – Nicki Frigo

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“Outstanding. It was so refreshing to have a wonderful live show in the comfort of our home. As always Tim Mannix awed us with his magical abilities and humor. This show keeps getting better and better. The humorous banter between these two amazing magicians is pure entertainment. I found my jaw dropping at the wonderment of the magic in front of me. Tim Mannix is a delight to watch as always! Damn Fine Magic INDEED! If you haven’t had the chance to see Tim Mannix perform you are missing out!!!” Sara Jeschien Chai

"Two of my favorite performers, Tim Mannix & Christopher Bange, doing a virtual show -- an online version of their duo-show Damn Fine Magic! I love watching them both separately, but seeing them play up their contrasting styles & personalities has been amazing."  Grant Knutson, Theatrical Promoter

"Prepare yourself for a great show filled with laughter, surprise, and of course some 'Damn Fine Magic'. I have seen many of Tim's shows and I'm always gobsmacked by his wit and surprises. Just when you think you have it figured out there is a secret twist that leaves you intrigued. Great for kids and adults. I really enjoyed the monster arm trick, very unexpected. Lots of laughs from me. Also, Chris' Glass and the Wine Bottles trick."  – Joshua Cary

"I was so excited to see my two favorite, damn fine magicians perform again...AND I wasn't disappointed. They did a great job astounding and entertaing us during this rough Covid existence. I was very impressed with how they handled Zoom with good humor. It was my first [Zoom experience] and thank God for my grandson or I wouldn't have been able to see this great show. Can't wait for the adult version coming next!! I enjoyed the interactions with the folks at home. It was outstanding." Pam Weldon

"Damn Fine Magic Halloween Edition was an astoundingly hypnotizing magic show that delivered clever humor punched with a whirlwind of surprises! As a huge fan of Tim Mannix, I'm always smitten and bewitched by his comedy and mesmerizing trickery! I am a very satisfied customer because Tim Mannix and Christopher Bange are phenomenal collaborators. This explosive fun-filled experience makes me look forward to their Christmas edition of Damn Fine Magic! Throughout the show, I was laughing so hard that my knees knocked together and my jaw hurt." – Savun Sean

""What a fun evening! Lots of great magic and BIG laughs. You can tell that Tim and Chris love what they do. We'll be back for the holiday show! I loved Tim's spinning wheel of cards and the Rhine card trick. Chris' bottle trick was great as well. I highly recommend this show!" Tom Dennis

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