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RE: Summer 2020


Dear Central California Librarians,


Thank you once again for trusting me to be one of your presenters for this year's Summer Reading Program.


We live in chaotic times and this year both performers and library staff were collectively scrambling as we delved into unchartered territory -- how to make this year's Summer Reading VIRTUAL -- and yet, maintain a level of quality that would be acceptable to patrons (viewers).


I felt strongly that a pre-recorded version of my show would best represent my efforts and talents. Given the short time-frame involved and my limited experience in this new genre, I do hope our show met with your approval. Regardless, I'd very much like your feedback.


Your invaluable responses will undoubtedly help in future endeavors as I strive to improve my performances, be they virtual or in-person. I truly appreciate you taking time to fill-out this form.


Again, my sincerest gratitude for your continued support!

Stay safe and hug the ones you love,

Tim Mannix, Entertainer & Virtual Host

SOS Variety Show

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