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Special Birthday Party Package - PALOOZA Offer

Thanks for attending the Birthday Party Palooza at Sierra Vista Mall. This limited-time offer is being made to parents at a reduced price as a THANK YOU for attending the event. Or, for friends of friends sharing this offer. As long as you book by May, 19, 2019 (that's 11 days from the event) you'll enjoy this special PALOOZA birthday party package.

Same great show, but with 5 BIG differences. As part of this offer, I will be including two unique magic tricks that have been officially retired from my act for some time now (Personalized Card Trick & Light & Heavy).

Palooza Birthday Party Package 

This limited, one-time package includes a laugh-out-loud, family-friendly magic show that guests, friends and family members will be talking about for many weeks to come. This longer-than-standard show features hilarious audience participation, age-appropriate humor, and a bit of sleight of hand. The grand finale includes a special onstage trick with the birthday child who helps to produce the star of the show, Petey the Rabbit! There are loads of opportunities for photo-ops and you'll want to capture every one.

Listed below are the 5 items that are NOT included in my standard birthday show: 

  • Special ILLUSION: Light & Heavy Box where a boy is "hypnotized" and he CANNOT lift a small cardboard carton, but a little girl CAN -- it's not only comedic, but mystifying

  • PERSONALIZED Card Trick - (King- or Queen-for-a-Day) - a fun card trick ending with a framed personalized KING or QUEEN of Hearts card with your child's face!

  • Miniature Magic WORKSHOP - 20-minutes complete with materials for up to 20 kids

  • Complimentary MAGIC TRICK - choose either the Comedy & Magic Coloring Book or the Royal Chinese Sticks

  • EXTENDED run-time: 60-minutes (standard show is 40-minutes)

So here's THE DEAL: Ordinarily, this package would easily run you $350, but I've reduced it by over $125 -- that is if you have the show INDOORS. Otherwise, have it OUTSIDE and you'll still save $75 off retail. Please understand, this is an ADVANCE PAYMENT discount, so all is paid up front in order to receive either discount. And, since your payment is securely processed through PayPal, you're protected by the PayPal Purchase Protection for Buyers.

Full Price: $385

Purchase ONLINE to save BIG!


ONLINE Pricing*

Outdoor Show: $285 (Save $100)

Indoor Show:  $235 (Save $150)


Ready to green-light this offer? Pay for the NOW with the link above. 

You may choose to pay the $100 deposit ONLY, but remember you do NOT receive the reduced pricing available ONLY online. Once you've paid your $100 deposit, the balance of $285 will be due the the day of the performance. Now, why would anyone do that? Buy online NOW and save. 

FYI: This LIMITED offer will NOT be available after Sunday, May 19, 2019.

Cannot be combined with other offers, discounts or promotions.

If this particular OFFER exceeds your budget, give us a call at (559) 790-3207, we have other packages that may suit you better.

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