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Why Outdoors is NOT ideal for a Magic Show?


Looking to host the best possible kids party? Wanna be stress free?


I cannot more highly recommend having any magic show or presentation, INDOORS.

As an inducement, I give a substantial discount ($50) for clients who are willing to host the magic show indoors versus outside. Quite frankly, this is an ethical bribe to coax you indoors. You know, the air-conditioned part of the house.

"But, WHY?" you ask.

Like most good theatrical events, the BEST shows are conducted indoors rather than out thus eliminating a multitude of distractions. People of all ages are more easily distracted when outdoors.  Simply put, indoor shows allow me to deliver a better quality show. Also, sound quality is improved, and heat, wind, noise (airplanes, bounce houses, lawn mowers, automobile traffic, neighborhood activity, etc.) are reduced, and of course, everyone knows that there's no competing with a butterfly.


Oh, and did I forget to mention how challenging it is to perform a high-energy kid show in 100-degree Central Valley weather? Plus, my rabbit has a will to survive, so during warmer months (June, July, August, September), he appears INDOORS only. 


THAT'S why I offer discounts for indoor shows. 

Yeah but, how do we do this?

The party format is simple. Have the entire event outside EXCEPT for the magic show. Games or activities first, pizza second, then the magic show, followed by cake and ice-cream. After the show, you simply march the kids right back outside for the remainder of the party. "But, we're having a pool party!" No problem. Since you will most likely be feeding them BEFORE the show, they’ll have plenty of time to dry out.


Spell it out for me!

An example of my online discounts, the SILVER package is shown below . Bear in mind these prices are available ONLINE ONLY and require payment in full at the time of purchase. Otherwise, you have the option to pay a $100 deposit (online or via mail) with the balance due the day of the show.

Silver Package

Full Price: $250

Purchase Online and SAVE BIG!

Outdoor Show: $235 (Save $15)

Indoor Show:  $200 (Save $50)

Intrigued? Convinced? Ready to pay for your KID Show? Click HERE.

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