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You Too Can Perform this Magic Spell Card Trick

You may have seen me perform this clever magic trick recently during one of my live or virtual performances on Zoom. Now you too, can perform this clever mathematical card trick for your family and friends.


Below you'll find simple -to-follow directions so that you can perform this unique trick. Be sure to practice plenty BEFORE performing this mystery for your unsuspecting family members and friends.

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Magic Spell Trick

an impressive mathematical card stunt

Effect: Show a packet of cards ACE through KING of a single suit, (Clubs, Hearts, Spades or Diamonds), mix them up, then spell the NAMES of the cards (Ace to King) to magically rearrange them back into numerical order. 


Secret & PerformanceFirst show them in order, (Ace to King), then, unbeknownst to onlookers, you “mix them up” in this order: 3,8,7 ACE, Queen, 6,4,2, Jack, King, 10, 9, 5. When assembled properly, the number FIVE card should be on TOP of the face-up stack.

You can remember the set-up by making up a simple story that you silently say to yourself as you mix the cards up.  “In 387 AD (3,8,7) one (ACE) evil QUEEN paid 642 pounds (6,4,2) to have both the Jester (Jack) and the KING beheaded. She was so evil, she lived until 1095 (10, 9, 5).

To Perform: Start by showing the cards in proper order, then mix them up. Once mixed, turn the packet face-down. Now, just spell the first card, A-C-E to get the ace and T-W-O to get the 2, and so on. Remember, one card is taken from the top of the packet and transferred to the bottom for each letter spelled. After, and only AFTER spelling the card, the NEXT card on top of the packet will be the card you're spelling.


Continue spelling all the cards out laying them one-by-one on the table so that all can see that they have been reassembled in the correct numerical order.

Use your acting abilities to act as if you are randomly mixing the cards up. The audience shouldn’t know that the cards are being put in a specific order.

Note: Although, the Jack is the 11th card in the deck, after spelling out the tenth card, you’ll spell J-A-C-K to get the Jack, Q-U-E-E-N to get the Queen and the King will be the final card remaining to be placed atop the stack.


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