Choose the Show that Best Suits Your Audience

For theater, auditorium or banquet room, this show is geared to larger crowds of 100 or more. 

For a smaller space or living room, this show is geared to crowds under 40 people. Holiday theme available.

An more itimate experience with magic that can be performed on a table surface. Crowd-size 20 or less.

An accomplished magician, seasoned comedic performer, and Hollywood Magic Castle regular, Tim Mannix consistently delivers 100% entertainment regardless of the size of the event or venue. Quick-witted, wry, unapologetic, and occasionally irreverent, Mannix will not only charm your audience, but will have them in stitches with his unique blend of gob-smacking magic, laugh-out-load humor and unpredictable onstage antics.


As one theatergoer recently put it:

“What a treat! Tim is a top notch magician with a silver tongue and golden hands. His sincerity and love of his craft will have you on the edge of your seat. Its a show that weaves comedy and magic into a warm-fuzzy ball of satisfaction for all ages! The rope tricks will send you up the wall, don't look away!” – Bennett Tyler

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