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Houdini aka Ehrich Weiss

On Halloween, October 31, 1926 the famed magician and master escape artist, Harry Houdini passed away from a ruptured appendix, but many of the circumstances surrounding his demise remain mysterious to this day. For over 30 years, Harry Houdini dazzled audiences with his bravura stunts and superhuman endurance. 

His final performance was on October 24, 1926 at Garrick Theater in Detroit -- even with a fever of 104 and a diagnosis of acute appendicitis. When Houdini had surgery to remove his appendix later that afternoon, doctors discovered it had ruptured and that he was suffering from peritonitis. Houdini died of peritonitis seven days later at age 52.


His escape artistry required him to be in incredible physical condition, able to endure small spaces in a twisted pose and capable of wriggling free from straitjackets, chains and other ingenious restraints. His body was battered and bruised both by the acts themselves and all the training.


More than 90 years later, Houdini still captures imaginations. The world is still baffled and mystified by him. 

In 1938, a Chicago member of the Society of American Magicians sought official permission for a Houdini Day.  Mrs. Houdini sanctioned the observance, and October 31st was proclaimed National Magic Day in Harry Houdini’s memory!



Houdini Reveals Your Card


Harry Houdini

(March 24, 1874 – October 31, 1926)

Harry Houdini's real name was Ehrich Weiss. He started using the name "Harry Houdini" as a stage name in 1894. The name "Harry" came from his childhood nickname "Ehrie." 


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